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Nicholas Olsen

"I signed up for Mahoney CrossFit after having a thirty minute one on one conversation with Tim in which he described the curriculum and philosophy of CrossFit. I know from the enthusiasm and knowledge that Tim displayed in that short talk that this was exactly what I needed to excel to the next level in my pursuit of mountaineering. I had worked out at other gyms but had plateaued and needed a new plan since I had scheduled a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in five months. CrossFit turned out to be exactly what Tim had described. I took myself to a new physical and mental preparedness that I am certain made it possible for me to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. Albeit very challenging, CrossFit is most importantly a result achieving course. Those who can get past the initial physical and mental shock of the regimen are bound to achieve new levels of physical fitness. The course is also very competitive and with its competitiveness comes fun which adds to the fulfillment of CrossFit which sets it apart from the mundane gym routines that so many are caught up in. On a personal note, I want to mention how much I appreciate the time spent by Tim, Melanie, and Wyatt with teaching CrossFit. All three have been very helpful and supportive of all the CrossFit clients. Tim took more time out of his day to start a class to begin at 4:30 to fit within my work schedule. Often times I would be the only student at this class."- Nicholas A Olsen, Pipeline Engineer

deadlift at Mahoney CrossFit

Melissa Byres

"When I joined Mahoney Crossfit, I was done making excuses about my lack of fitness. I was in that golden zone where I could finally accept the truth about myself, and I knew I was ready to become MORE: Stronger. Healthier. Happier. I was ready. It was time. Now I had a new problem. The old problem was a lack of interest about my physical health. The new problem was that I didn't know what to do next! If I joined a gym, I wouldn't know how to use the equipment. If I hired a personal trainer, that would be too much personal attention focused on just me, and that sounded embarassing. Other than walking, or running, I didn't really know how to train! I kept hearing about Mahoney Crossfit. People in my community were talking about the amazing coaching there, and the group classes. "Ah ha!!" I thought. Amazing coaching? Yes please. Group classes? Why yes, that sounds way better than trying to do it alone, or one on one with a trainer. Everything I'd been hearing about Mahoney Crossfit was true, and then some! I showed up, and the coaches instructed me on everything during class. You would not believe what I didn't know! They had to coach me on the proper technique for doing a push up, a box step/jump, a lunge, and even how to run. I'd never received such amazing help on how to train safely and correctly. They also coached me on weightlifting terminology, and how to lift weights properly for weight loss and muscle strength gains. Suddenly, I had a whole team of coaches helping me, and I was meeting the coolest people during class who became friends! It was impossible not to keep learning and progressing at Mahoney Crossfit. Each week I got better, until after one year I signed up to compete in my first ever competition as an adult, at a crossfit competition. I've continued to train, receive amazing coaching, compete, and make friends at Mahoney Crossfit. This is a place that's safe, encouraging, helpful, and fun! Gaining these friends and growing stronger has also helped in my personal life. I'm so glad that I heard about Mahoney Crossfit and went there for help! " -Melissa Byres

deadlift at Mahoney CrossFit

Don Wall

"I've worked out at a number of gyms in my adult life, but none of them are anything like Mahoney CrossFit, for a number of reasons... - It works. At almost 48 i'm in the best shape of my adult life. I still have a long way to go, but I know I'm getting stronger. I spent years working out at traditional gyms, using a variety of methods: By myself, five days a week, with a partner, in group classes ( Spin, Centergy, Pilate's, Lift and Abs, etc.) Now I go to Mahoney's three times a week and I'm stronger and fitter than ever. - The WODs. Everyday is different, and every day is tough but rewarding. - The Coaches. Tim works hard to provide great coaching everyday. Wyatt is there to back him up. - The people. Everyone i've met working out at Mahoney CrossFit is great. It's normal to see folks show up early and stay late just to hang out. Camaraderie, support and friendly competition add up to a great workout. It seems to be true of any CrossFit organization, but it's especially true and Mahoney's." - Don Wall, Mentor/Instructor for Team Oregon

deadlift at Mahoney CrossFit


"I started at Mahoney Crossfit about 14 months ago, and it has truly changed my life. I know that sounds a little melodramatic, but it's true. I've been an active person my whole life, but at 40, I am in the best shape of my life. I feel stronger, both physically and mentally than I ever have, and I am happy to give the Mahoneys much of the credit. I came to Mahoney Crossfit with a lot of physical issues that restricted what I was able to do. From the start, they have worked to accommodate my limitations while they push me to make progress toward my fitness goals. But it's more than that. They know how to get the most out of me and motivate me, even when I'm struggling with frustration at not being as fast or strong as others. There are times when I think they know me better than I do, times when they get more out of me than I think I have to give. I think the thing that really makes Mahoney Crossfit more than just a place to workout is the family they have created. All of the members of this box have a connection that one does not find at traditional gyms. We work our butts off together, and there is something special that comes from that. No matter where anyone is in the fitness spectrum, there is a tremendous feeling of camaraderie among members. I believe the Mahoneys are responsible for creating and maintaining the open and supportive atmosphere I have always felt in this group of people from all walks of life. To me, they are some of the most special people I am lucky enough to know, and Mahoney Crossfit is one of the most positive places I've ever been a part of."- Karen Blocksom, Statistician for Environmental Protection Agency.

deadlift at Mahoney CrossFit

Tracy Thompson

"Have you ever been to a fun house with those crazy mirrors that distort your image? They make you taller, shorter, thinner, heavier. It’s an instant 'transformation' of your physical self. I use to operate under the belief that if I could just transform into a healthier version of my physical self overnight, I would be able to maintain that lifestyle and live happily ever after. Truth is that I didn’t become the unhealthy version of myself overnight, and there is no magic wand to instantly reverse the years of toxic 'nutritional' abuse and lack of physical activity I subjected my body to on a daily basis. This reality is what led me to Mahoney CrossFit in August of 2015. At MCF I learned about nutrition, functional fitness, and a lifestyle to ensure success in both areas on a day-to-day basis. The coaching is superb and the support is amazing. MCF has become my home and my family. This is more than a physical journey. It is also a spiritual, mental and emotional journey. If you want results that will last your lifetime Mahoney CrossFit is the right place to get your started on your journey. My experience at MCF has been life changing with an impact so immense that at 42-years-old I have finally found my purpose and passion in life. Come join us. You won’t be sorry you walked through those doors." - Tracy A. Thompson DNP, RN, CF-L1 Trainer

deadlift at Mahoney CrossFit

Bill Brotton

"Ninety days ago, I was suffering from bouts of depression following the end of a 7 year relationship. The frequency with which, and what I was eating, was anything but healthy. I was well over 200 pounds and was doing nothing in my daily routine physically. Then, I was presented with the opportunity to join a group that was training to participate in Warrior Dash 2011. The training consisted of a nutrition class and CrossFit 3 days a week with Mahoney CrossFit. 90 days later, I have lost 15 pounds of fat,gained 5 pounds of muscle, finished 2 5k's averaging under 8 minute miles, completed Warrior Dash in the top 10% of 5400 participants and committed to continue CrossFit with the Mahoney's on my own. Through Mahoney CrossFit I have fostered new relationships with others from all walks of life, been humbled and inspired by my peers, regained my self confidence and self esteem, set new goals with regards to personal health and committed to stop smoking after 30 years. Most importantly, I have found a place to better myself where I feel that I am not being judged or criticized, only motivated to be a better human being. The Mahoneys have not only welcomed me and my CrossFit peers into their family, they have created an extended family of their own. Through my new found friendship with the Mahoneys, I have learned that CrossFit is neither a choice or a routine but a way of life." - Bill Brotton, Deputy, MCSO

candy at Mahoney CrossFit

Candy Scott

"I've participated in many fitness programs using machines, tread mills, elliptical equipment etc. I was intrigued when my husband talked about the classes he was taking at Mahoney Crossfit. I liked the idea of doing a variety of workouts and in particular weight bearing exercise.

I joined Mahoney Crossfit with two goals in mind: to see if I could build bone density and to increase my upper body strength. The building of bone density is a big issue for me, as I have osteopenia (first stages of osteoporosis). Although I have spent most of my life being very physically active and take a variety of supplements, my bone density continued to decrease.

I am happy to report that my latest bone density test shows a 5.5% increase in bone mineral density of the lumbar spine over the baseline study. This is a huge success for me. I appreciate the personalized care the Mahoney family takes with each individual, taking into account we all have different goals and needs. They are the absolute best!" - Candy Scott, CEO, Highland Laboratories


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